Company Policies

  • No smoking is allowed onboard our equipment or affiliates, this includes electronic cigarettes. *
  • Alcohol is permissible through our office additional fees incurred with charter trip. *
  • Under age drinking prohibited. *
  • No illegal drugs, weapons, & firearms. *
  • No pornographic material, or acts. *
  • No standing or sitting on armrests.
  • No standing in the seats
  • Disrespectful & discourteous behavior to the coach operator will not be tolerated. *
  • Any charter trip not paid in accordance with our company contract(s) is subject to be cancelled.
  • No Doritos, Sunflower Seeds, Drink Bottles, or Pop top cups, (must have a screw on top/cap) No Ice Cream Cones.
  • No standing in front of the standee line while coach is in motion.
  • We do fuel or top off our equipment with passengers onboard.
  • No sticky candies or chewing gum.
  • Lap tops, tablets, electronics & medicines are to be brought in a carry on bag. We are not responsible nor liable for any damages for these or any items stored underneath the coach.
  • P. Walker Travel & Tours will match or beat any comparable quote.

* This will cancel your charter.

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